Welcome to The Honey Hub Western Australia

We are passionate about beekeeping and caring for the environment. We strive to produce high quality, raw, unprocessed, microbiologically active honey that reaches you, our customer, with all the health benefits intended by nature.

Western Australia has the strictest quarantine laws in the world for protecting our agricultural industry. Because of this, our honey is free from many pests and diseases found in the Eastern States or other countries, for example, small hive beetles, varroa mites, and exotic bee mites.

Another bonus of these strict quarantine laws is that Western Australian honey is a highly sought after product because of its purity. Western Australia bees, hives, and consequently the honey do not need to be chemically treated, making it one of the world’s most natural products available.

We hope you enjoy our honeys!

Basie van Rooyen – Beekeeper

Hanlie van Rooyen – Managing Director