500g South West Floral TA 35+


South West Floral TA 35+ 500g Jar

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South West Floral Honey is natural KARRI and AVOCADO mix

Karri Tree: Exceptionally tall trees, with white flowers.

Location: Pemberton, Western Australia.

Colour: Light-coloured honey.

Flavour profile: Delicate, sweet, floral flavour.

Flowers: Can start in December and continue as late as April.

Rate of production: Although individual Karri trees may flower annually, abundant seed crops on any one tree occur only every 7 to 10 years.

Benefits: High in antioxidants and proven to help alleviate inflation.

Total Antimicrobial Activity of the current batch: TA 35+ (see Chem Centre certificate) on an established beneficial ratings scale ranging between TA 10+ and TA 35+, therefore, it has exceptional potential bacteria and fungal killing properties.

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