500g Red Gum TA 35+ $19.00 AUD (RDG500J)

Tree: Corymbia calophylla is unique to Western Australia and should not be confused with the Red Gum from the eastern states of Australia. Flowers are mostly white but there are red, pinkish and orange variations as well.

Location: Pickering Brook and Bindoon Hill, Western Australia.

Colour: Can range between a medium-coloured honey that is a clear, rich golden colour, to a deep amber.

Flavour profile: Full-bodied fruity flavour that tastes less sweet than other honeys.

Flowers: February to May each year.

Rate of production: Fairly reliable honey crop most years.

Benefits: Red Gum pollen is extremely rich in phytonutrients which carry over into the honey. This makes the honey medicinal with its exceptional anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory  and antioxidant properties.

Total Antimicrobial Activity of the current batch: TA 35+ (see Chem Centre certificate in the online shop) on an established beneficial ratings scale ranging between TA 10+ and TA 35+, therefore, it has exceptional potential bacteria and fungal killing properties.

Good to know: It takes a long time to crystallise because it has a relatively low level of glucose (20%) and a higher level of fructose (80%). This is also the reason it tastes less sweet than other honeys.