500g Jarrah TA 35+ $21.00 AUD (JRH500J)

Tree: Part of the Eucalyptus species and native to Western Australia, with white flowers.

Location: Pickering Brook, Western Australia.

Colour: Dark amber colour.

Flavour profile: Unlike other medicinal honeys, Jarrah honey has an pleasant flavour described as strong, full-bodied, malty, not as sweet as other honeys due to its low glucose and high fructose levels. 

Flowering times: Flowers in November and December.

Rate of production: Demand is often outstripped by availability as Jarrah flowers once every two years. Flowers can be fragile and damaged by heat or rain and does not always yield nectar for honey. 

Benefits: Considered one of the world’s strongest medicinal honeys and one with the highest antioxidant levels in the world. Very effective medicinal properties, sometimes compared to Manuka honey for its antimicrobial healing power. Very valuable for its high anti-microbial activity when used to treat wounds, burns, sore throats, skin infections and much more.

Total Antimicrobial Activity of the current batch: TA 35+ (see Chem Centre certificate in the online shop) on an established beneficial ratings scale ranging between TA 10+ and TA 35+, therefore, it has exceptional potential bacteria and fungal killing properties.

Good to know: Jarrah honey rarely, if ever, crystallises. The reason is that it has a high percentage of fructose, which gives it a lower overall Glycaemic Index than most other types of honey.